Webcast: Increasing ROI Potential While Decreasing Fat

Cynosure University

Cynosure University

by Deanne Mraz Robinson, M.D., FAAD
President, Modern Dematology, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Yale News Haven Hospital

The following points will be covered in this webinar.

Body Treatments Consumer Most bothered by


Permanent Reduction in Stubborn Fat

  • Mechanism of Action
  • Treatment Depth
  • Guided Mode for Body Treatments
  • SculpSure Submental Treatments
  • Core Treatments
  • Marketing WarmSculpting in your Practice

The only RF Platform You’ll Ever Need

  • TempSure Accuracy vs. Competition
  • TempSure Firm Treatment
  • Marketing TempSure Firm in your Practice

Combining Different Treatments
Regimens in Your Practice

  • Benefit of Combining Treatment Protocols
  • Combining WarmSculpting Profile and TempSure Envi Regiments

Questions and discussions

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