Webcast: Advanced Clinical Application with PicoSure

Cynosure University

Cynosure University

by Shang-Li Lin, MD
Dermatologist, Taiwan

Patient expectation management

  • Common needs of Asian females addresses with laser devices
  • Before & After Images & Cases
  • Common needs of Asian females addressed with 755nm Picosecond laser

PicoSure’s advantages

  • Wavelength and Pulse duration
  • Before & After Images & Cases

My treatment rationales

  • Diffractive lens arrays
  • Holographic beam-splitting optic
  • LIOBs in treating pigmented lesions and skin texture
  • Before & After Images & Cases

Advanced skin treatments with PicoSure

  • Individualized treatment plans
  • My protocol for melasma with other pigmented lesions
  • How is the long-term follow-up of patients?
  • Acne scar by PicoSure: Erythematous scar, hyperpigmented and hyperpigmented acne scar
  • Traumatic scars

Management of Clinic Operation in the midst of COVID-19

  • Reception
  • Consultation
  • Immediate sanitization after each use
  • Increasing frequency of routine sanitization of objects and environment

Summary for PicoSure
Questions and discussions

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